Sunday, November 9, 2008

Third Sale!

I was astonished! I Sold my second piece on early Friday morning, when I checked into my store last night I saw I had made a third sale! So quick! I am thrilled and will have to say goodbye to this very special Cameo. This was my first try at making a Cabochon. In Donna Katos new book, she gives a little info about making your own cameo blanks. I formed the base by hand and baked it. I then spent some time wondering just what I could put on it. I had made a mold of a surprise I found on a studio bench one day, a carrot I had been wanting to mold somehow. It had dried up but in doing so, had made this wonderful looking texture. I took that and some fresh carrot leave and impressed a 'bouquet' into a ball of clay. This is the mold I decided to try and make 3-D on this cabochon. It took at least half a dozen tries to mold it and to form it seamlessly over the cabochon base, but I finally got it to work. I smoothed it out without distorting the impression and baked it. I was very pleased that it did not have any air bubbles. It was then sanded with many grits and buffed on my new buffer! I used the scrimshaw finishing technique on this one to bring out the wonderful texture made by the carrot and the leaves. I am happy that it has found a new home!

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