Thursday, April 23, 2009

Proud to be - Still Remembering

I am so behind, this month has been so full. I know yesterday was Earth Day and you would think, from an Organic Artist, I would have had a big blog post about that and how I try to be green. But that will have to wait, because yesterday I made my post about Yom HaShoah, brief as it was. I spend the majority of the day finishing a few more items for the Almost ARTifacts shop for the Paper clip section. I am proud to announce I did make some sales and have some money to send to the Museum. I have also contemplated using some of the money to buy copies of the Paper Clip movie and donate them to Free Libraries in various parts of the US, so that everyone has the chance to see this movie.

I am also proud to find out yesterday I was put into this Memorial Treasury titled, Proud to be a Jew . It's only got a little over 12 hours to go but I have taken a screen shot to share. That's my Torah Necklace in the top right corner.


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