Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What does Six Million Look like? - Lest we forget

Yesterday was Holocaust Remembrance Day. The night before, I'd had a nightmare of present day gas chambers, me and my whole family were being taken in one by one, through innocent looking white doors, but the results were the same. I awoke just as I was going through the door. I was very shaken. After being awake a bit I realized what day it was, and it sent chills down my spine. I don't deal with this well and couldn't bring myself to post about it yesterday. I never knew my paternal Grandparents, Denmark was not as safe as was believed.

So instead I threw myself into my clay, spent the most time in my studio I have in a long while, 6 hours. Last night, instead of being able to sleep, it took me quite a while before I drifted off.

We try to forget, we try to put it out of our minds, those with sensitive souls, yet we don't want others to forget. I have dealt with those who so arrogantly can not only believe it never happened but publicly proclaim it. I won't go there this year. My soul and spirit can't take it any longer, so I choose to forget what is said, what day it is, who I am, for a little while at least, my mind may be taken off it, but my heart and soul always are aware.

I have a shop at etsy called AlmostARTifacts. In there are some pieces I made a while ago that I was inspired to do , actually by school children. In a project to learn about prejudice they started something that involved many people from around the world. You can learn about it here. and here .

Or please see the trailer here. And if you can find it in your local video store or online store, I highly recommend renting it, and don't forget the boxes of tissues, you'll need them.

I know the history of the paperclip has been disputed, but the heart of the project stays the same. That is why I have incorporated this commonplace devise into some of my pieces, and the proceeds from the sale of them will go to help maintain that museum. So if you feel inclined to help support this endevour by these children, take a look around my shop AlmostARTifacts and check out the Paperclip Items for Holocaust Museum section.
Please click on the individual pictures for a close up view of the piece. Thank you!



  1. Shalom and hugs.

    We have seen the movie. It is so very inspiring and brought not only goosebumps to us but tears.

    we shall never forget!

  2. What a wonderful tribute, Kate. I was moved to tears as well. My thoughts and prayers are always with you, my friend.


  3. Thank you both! I really appreciate that. ~ Kate

  4. My thoughts go out to you...I too lost family during the war. We must not forget and must prevent anything like this from ever happening again.

  5. Thank you Sharon, and mine to you. I look forward to the day when we don't have to have our joy mixed with sadness. :)



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