Sunday, April 12, 2009

Red Moon Rising

Well, once again I forgot to take a picture of my Seder table, one year I may remember. Actually I did remember half way through, but it was too late. So In the line of the plagues, I found this interesting.

I Hope you all had a wonderful Passover. The day after, on Thursday night we were taking a walk outside and this is what greeted us. I was very surprised, last time I had seen a red moon rising, was in the very same place, sometime last year, I can't remember when, it might have been around Sukkot, I can't find my pictures I took of it. But I did grab my camera and got these cool shots.

This shot on the left is to help you put it into prospective. this is a street down in front of my house. You can see the street light, as well as some lights from the houses.
In the picture on the right, I have zoomed in but you can still see in the lower right the street lights in the distance. I took this from up on top of a small hill where I live.

I have seen big, colored moons like this in the fall, but I can't remember seeing them in the spring, specifically at Passover. This is a totally full moon at this time. It took about an half hour or a bit more for it to rise enough where it no longer had any reddish or orange tint to it.

Don't know what this means, I have only seen the moon look this dark red when there was a total eclipse. I love looking at the night sky when there isn't any cloud cover or city light 'smog', it is amazing how many stars are there and how it changes moment by moment. Hope you had an interesting week!

Today I am hoping to have a dream come true, dining al fresco under a weeping cherry tree, something I've wanted to do for years! Wish me good weather!



  1. I love your pictures of the red moon. We had the same situation where I live (North Texas near the Oklahoma border), but it was because we had had some serious grass fires in our region. I don't know where you are, but perhaps your moon was affected by the smoke as well.


  2. Hi Emanda,

    Interesting you got a red moon too. I live in the Northeast and we had a clear day, sunny so I don't think there were any fires around to cause this, unless smoke blew up from sundown and gave that effect. I hope your fires got put out soon. Brush fires are terrible, I used to be a firefighter and that was the truck I drove, the brush truck, very much worst than a house fire as far as trying to fight it.



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