Friday, January 8, 2010

Crafty News and Animal Vegetable or Mineral Feature

I told you about a week ago or so some great news: For those who don't have a Hobby Lobby nearby but would love to shop there, in the coming new year you could now shop from anywhere because they would be online. The time has come and their site is live now! And to celebrate, right now they are gifting you with FREE SHIPPING for order $25 or more. "This offer does not apply to expedited orders, International orders or gift cards"
So Stop by today don't know how long it's good for!

I've done a quick run through the site and it looks to have a great variety of items in each department. There's plenty of Clays, and all kinds of resin materials for those interested in branching out in that area. There's even a small variety of Vintag filigree available on the site right now along with many other Jewelry supplies.

So if you don't have a Hobby Lobby near you or just don't want to go out in the cold, check them out and right now get free shipping!

Shop Hobby Lobby online!

Over the weekend I will be sharing with you from the Animal Vegetable or Mineral series. I have been doing quite a lot of research into one of my favorites and found some startling information which I want to be able to fully digest (forgive the pun) before sharing with you. So check back for this, I'm sure you will find it of interest as almost every single person eats this in one form or another.


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