Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's NEW Wednesday?

Remember me telling you about how we had to find a new home for Cosmo, my beautiful iridescent peach Koi? He went to live in our local Zoo's pond and we are hoping for a Sunday with nice weather to go visit him. I waited a week and then the tank looked so empty I went out and got four new fish. Three fancy goldfish and one Algae Eater. The Algae eater is a beautiful peach color , he was the liveliest of all of the ones in the tank at the pet store and he also had black rimmed eyes, as if he had on eyeliner, he caught my eye and got caught in the net to come home with me (see him peaking out from behind the coral in the video). It's been about three weeks and I've had a hard time naming them. Usually a name comes right to me, but not this time. My little Dalmatian Jazmine was named only 5 minutes from the house of the family we purchased her from and she lived up to that name in more ways than one! But these guys stumped me.

The Algae eater my husband started calling 'Hoover' just about a week ago and it kinda stuck seeing that his job is to vacuum off the algae on all the surfaces. So he was basically named, but the other three I just couldn't come up with anything. I picked each one carefully. The peachy one because it reminded me of Cosmo but I didn't want a Cosmo 2, and the other two are very artistically speckled and striped but I just couldn't zero in on proper names, but last night it came to me. So they all finally have names. The one that looks like Cosmo I have decided is a girl (wither or not she/he is) and have named her 'Fiona'. The little guy with the too short tail I knew needed a unique name, because he is special and endearing so his name is now officially 'Percy', and the larger one that looks like him with his strange body markings is, yes I had to go with one artistic name, 'Picasso'. So that mystery is solved and they now have a new filter too which they love too. I just have to be careful not to feel them too much or they'll outgrow the tank.

What else is new? I have been blessed so far this new year to have had my work showcased on the front page of Etsy four times, 3 of those times were my Polymer clay works (buttons, beads and Leaf necklace) and the fourth another passion of recycling and sewing, my musical pincushion ring. Just last night I was told today that my Under the Microscope Necklace was on the FP between 9-10pmEST . I received lots of congrats convos and emails and thank all those who wrote me. One was even from a Biology Teacher that told me she was impressed with my work. I think that is a good kick in the pants to help me get back into the studio on the clay side! Also I'd like to thank those who have included me in their treasury's so far this year. Those who made the front page: EdensWake, who designs and makes fabulous and elegant handbags and clutches, GlassEtc, whose treasuries are as beautiful as her glass works, And YannPendaries whose photography is outstanding in his field and who is a fabulous treasury maker!

And these so far for January who were all FP worthy!
The Little Ninja that could - Dawn Correspondence
Come with me, to the Sea - Say Your Piece
Lavender Blues - Glassetc
Bird Singing at Night - LaChiffoniere
Some Love -- MooShooPork
Who's got the button? --brightasdaydesigns
Creamy Orange - The Nightjar
Black Love -- YannPendaries
Always Look your best --Glassetc
The Garden in Winter -- Marjories Nook
Untitled -- PonderandStitch
It's all there in Black and White - SayYourPiece
Devoted to You -- Handamade

If I've missed anyone I apologize! Thank you all for featuring various items from my shops!

Something else that's new is my interest in making rings lately. I have been making them for almost all my shops and will be getting the listings in there shortly. Here's a sneak preview.

For the Polka Dot Sandals Shop

These black and white ones are my Button Montages, stacked one on top of each other and mounted onto adjustable rings. Two in shop right now, the other two to come soon. On the right are three new pin cushion rings, A vintage Lavender Petal Parfait, Woodland mushroom with ferns and Coffee break. Then there are a few new ones for Almost Artifacts a couple new Israeli rings, one coin with Ancient boat and the other is a now defunct Telephone Token.

And a sneak peak at my package I sent to my Bead Soup partner. I can't believe there are over 80 of us participating in this. I can't wait to get my package! More details here.
I'm hoping my bead soup partner likes organic and earthy look, copper, bronze, turquoise, swarovski pearls and more!



  1. Twiggy and I love your new fish! I'm glad that Cosmo now has a job at the zoo. He'll meet lots of nice friends there :)

  2. wow~love the sneak peek:) those are great colours/components. your package should be there any minute, I'm so excited I can hardly wait!

  3. Love the little fishies!! :))) Perfect names :) Wow! Congrats on all the front page stuff... I made it once a long time ago and far away. Didn't even know it till I found it in the archives lol!

  4. Vince says, "Wow, I like your fish. Are those Auriga Butterflies? I have some on Facebook and they look exactly like them."
    We like your fish, Kate :)
    Vince and Jill

  5. Vince, I really don't know what kind they are, they were all in the same tank together at the pet shop, except for Hoover, so they all get along well. Percy has such a small tail he must be a moth! :)



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