Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Team T Tuesday - Say Your Piece

Starting her career in ceramics out of her home seven years ago that which was born out of a sense of commitment to her family, Eileen's business has expanded quite a bit since then. She opened Clayful Moments which specialized in the 'imprinted for posterity' capturing of the hands and feet of infants and small children in her ceramic keepsakes. She still continues with this flagship line at Clayful Moments.com where you can visit her studio to have one of these beautiful keepsakes made for yourself or gift giving. These are called Kid Print Keepsakes and are a product of her local business so if you are in the area of Fairfield Ca. give her a call to arrange an appointment. Eileen also Hosts Ceramic Painting parties for all ages, appointments can be made through the Clayful Moments site.

This business lead to other things such as fundraisers and teaching in schools and today Eileen has expanded her business to the internet with her almost two year old thriving shop on Etsy, 'Say Your Piece' .

SayYourPiece offers a variety of personal, sentimental and heirloom quality keepsakes, both decorative and functional.With over 800 sales on Etsy, Eileen has developed a following and her customers love the quality of the workmanship, the sentimentality involved as well as the speed with which their purchases reach them. She has the joy of sharing in many precious moments of her customers lives and each is touched by the beauty and personal attention to detail on each piece.
Weddings, Births and Birthdays, Anniversary's, Holidays, Inspirational and' just to make your day' are the themes of the body of her work. She also welcomes custom orders with a sentiment that you would like on a variety of ceramic pieces.

I believe that words are powerful and love using them in my art and Eileen sure has captured that importance in all her works.

If you have a special occasion coming up, why not preserve the moment with one of Eileen's beautiful and affordable keepsakes? She also is now offering some special designs just in time for Valentine's Day too!

Meaningful Art, what more could you ask for?



  1. I love Eileen's items! And I had not seen that "Bee Mine" piece yet. So adorable!!

  2. Good heavens... how do you do this? What a terrific write-up (thank you, thank you!), and what a lovely blog all around. How do you juggle all this... plus creating ... plus managing the business ... plus?

    Can't thank you enough... I will be a regular reader from now on!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Eileen, I'm so glad you liked it, I love your art!



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