Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thrifty Tuesday

One of the features I've been wanting to share with you in the new year is how to save a bit of money and also to not let yourself feel deprived. Since I don't celebrate Christmas but took it off for a bit of down time, I soon got bored and started searching around the net. I came across some great giveaways and entered a few, and actually won some. But the great thing was I discovered some great blogs along the way and would like to use this space on Tuesdays to tell you about them. I only have a few this week but promise to have more in the future.

Interestingly enough one of the giveaways I entered was on a blog by an aspiring published writer. For years I have had aspirations of writing the great novel, but it never fully materialized because of all my other interests mainly my Art would always call me away from the processor. But I have written quite a bit over the years, much more than a novels worth but never received a penny but I guess it's in the eye of the beholder what worth you can place on doing something you love. So I could relate to this man's blog. He started a 25 days of Christmas giveaway. He wrote on a subject each day and had a specific book that went with that days blog post. I read a few as I found this late in the game. And I won the one I wanted the most! Tuesdays with Morie. When I told my husband about winning it and watching out for it in the mail he said to me, you have that book. I said "What??', No". I remembered hearing about it long ago and I think they made a movie and I saw that. I also vaguely recall it being on Oprah's book club so many years ago (I stopped watching Oprah at least a decade ago so it had to be before then). And I didn't recall seeing it anywhere in any of my book shelves so......................... Funny thing at the same time I had kicked myself in the rear to get the rest of my studio in order which involved rearranging three bookcases I have in there because there's no where else in the house to store them, and as I was working on one of them, I reached in and found a little hardbound copy of Tuesdays with Morrie, laying parallel to the bookcase on top of the other books. That was why I hadn't seen it. So he was right and I was astonished. As much of a bibliophile that I am, he isn't. But he told me back when I was reading it, he picked it up one day and actually read some of it and liked it.

So Dave, Your copy came on New Years Eve. I opened the package at my studio table while showing some new designs to my husband and he said, 'Can I have that one?'. I almost fell off my chair, he's never asked to read any of my books before, let alone ask to have one for himself so this is a first. While I did find my own copy, I am thrilled how me winning your copy has turned into it's own little story, and with a twist I'd never expect. So I thank you for your generosity in having this giveaway, just like the theme of your post, a very meaningful gift came of it! And thanks for the extra you threw in, a little something for me after all!

Please visit Dave's Blog and website at DaveUrsillo.com I'm not guaranteeing any other giveaway here, but good reading nonetheless! Even though the Giveaway is over , reading the posts for it are worthwhile time spent, so check them out! 25 Days of Christmas Book Giveaway . If you haven't read the book, seen the movie or play I do greatly recommend doing one of them!

Another Giveaway I won was for a pair of Sterling Silver Earrings. This was a based on what would you do with these if you won them, who would you give them to. My response was to send them to my local Woman's shelter and allow those in charge to decide who needed a special pick me up. My package just arrived and I shall do just that with them.

Now what about for you? Well, lets see what I've gathered for this week.

Speaking of Books..................
I just got this in my email, a Book in a Bag (and a lovely bag at that!) contest. Just click on the link there to enter. You could win an Elliot Lucca Valeras Double handle Hobo Bag in delicious Cream filled with a selection of the newest Books from Harper Collins, total worth close to $300!

And speaking of Bags, my friends and Team mate, JennyN is having a giveaway. Jenny makes all kinds of bags from small hip pocket ones to large leather stylish brief-bags. She uses the skills she obtained getting her engineering Degree in all her fabulous designs. Lately she has been pondering a pile of wonderful silk Sarees and has made her first clutch and has generously decided to give it away! Find out more by going to Jenny's blog at JennyNDesign. It's a beauty!

Don't forget to click on the badge I have on the sidebar for Fabulous Finds, there are always many giveaways going on there!

Now to accessorize, how about this beautiful necklace? It reminds me of a Carribean sea and I could sure go for that right now! This is the first giveaway of the year at BeadHappilyEverAfter. This is her 59th giveaway so be sure to become a follow to keep up on the next one!

Czech beads accented with coordinating Swarovski crystals and Sterling Silver findings, how lush and beautiful and just right for a pick-me-up this time of year!

Isn't it gorgeous? Check out the rest of the blog too. You also get more chances to win the more you visit, so make sure to bookmark and follow! Deadline to enter 9:00 p.m. EST on 01/10/10.

I love her method of entry too, you have to answer a cool question. But look at that prize, it's sure worth a couple minutes of your time, so check it out!

You'll also see this on the list of Giveaways on the Etsy Giveaway blog, have you visited there yet? Right now they have six giveaways going for this week into next so stop by and enter!

The Coupons Clippers are back from their Holiday Hiatus and are ready to fill your orders (I blogged about them in a previous post, check them out, you'll save lots, for sure!)

Not a giveaway but for those who follow my blog and love to design jewelry, I just signed up to participate in Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Party and Swap! Click on picture below to enter.

Last year someone suggested to me to hold a swap like this but I haven't gotten around to it yet so this is the next best thing! Join in, there's lots of great Jewelry artists participating! Promises to be lots of fun!

And don't forget about My giveaway announced HERE on Mystery Monday!

Well that's enough to keep you busy without overwhelming you so get started and HAVE FUN!!!


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  1. Wow! Kate, what a great post!! Very informative, very enjoyable and makes me want to come back for more!! :))) (I entered for that necklace too :)



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