Monday, January 25, 2010

Mystery Monday Winner Revealed!

Thank you to all who have participated in my Mystery Monday. I love reading your guesses (almost as much as I love stumping you! :) ) I really thought this one would be easier than the first one, but all the guesses that came in last week were, I think, wishful thinking, I know that is what I thought it looked like. I guess when you are going through a cold winter, warm sunny beaches with soft ocean waves lapping at your feet come easily to mind. But that was not what the photo was.

It was in fact a close up of a photo I took out my dining room window (oh how I wish that were the ocean lapping at the shores of my beach home! :) ) a day or two after we had a small snowfall. My porch is cement and we've painted it in a distressed sagey green. But the angle of the sun in the late afternoon brought out the texture and made it look rougher than it really is. The snow only came up so far and does look like foam on the shoreline.

The second round we had a lot more accurate guesses, so congratulations to those who guessed that and thanks to those who came back and guessed again!

This picture was taken a couple of days before Christmas and I was taking pictures of the different animal tracks on my back porch just before the sun went down. I love how snow is every changing, it seems alive with the light directing what it will look like. Here is the original photo and I just cropped of the edge for our 'mystery'.

Thanks again to all who played along! After putting all correct guesses in the Random generator we have a winner and that is..........................................Kathi! Congratulations!

Please email me with your snail mail addy and your choice of the prizes offered. Those who also had a correct guess will have their names added into the next drawing if they participate in the next mystery Monday. I shall post that later on today!



  1. no way!! me?? really? wow. will send you an email asap!

  2. you are never going to believe this - i was going to guess that! i live by the beach too... but i thought for sure it was some kind of art supply or something clever from your home... never again will i not take a guess!! :0) congratulations to kathi!

  3. Always guess! That is the fun of it. I actually remember years ago subscribing to Games magazine and they had a feature each month where they took real close close-ups of things, just ordinary things but close-up they took on a fascination all their own. Then you had to guess what they were. There were always stumpers there for me, that was the fun since I am very detail oriented (infj) and it takes a bit to throw me!

    Hmm, art supply, what could that be? White glitter on textured clay? Now you got me thinking! :)

  4. Hi, Kate. I just gave you a well-deserved blog award. Please come see.



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