Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

I hope your week has been going well. Near pay day and you want to spend it well, right?
The first thing I'd like to share with you is a triple play.
The Sak Store is offering this fabulous Bag. Black background and beautiful clear colors to go with almost any outfit. The triple play?

#1 It's big, roomy can be used to carry all your essentials, wither off shopping or off for the weekend, measures a generous 23" in length by 16" high.

#2 The outer shell is made from 50% recycled wipe clean nylon and the interior is 100% recycled cotton.

#3 The design is made by a collaboration of artists who share the hope of cultivating peace and harmony.
What more could you ask for in such a useful lovely bag?

Well how about this ( is there such a thing as a quaruple play?) The regular price is $99 but right now you can get one for only $69.50! Is that a deal or what?

Here is the official site take a visit there where you can view all sides including inside of this great bag that will carry all you need around in style and with a message of Peace and Harmony!

SakRoots is an ecologically minded company and supports the Nature's Conservancy's Plant a Billion trees campaign.

Now Here's some things I've found around the internet that will make this a Thrifty Thursday for you!

It's cold and flu season and now more than ever you need to step up sanitary habits. Gold Bond, a name known and trusted for over 100 years has a non alcohol hand cleaner with moisturizers. Kill germs Save your hands. Get your free sample by going here.

Walk on the wild side? (of organic healthy eating that is) want a treat and for free? IHOP is offering a free breakfast on National Pancake Day, so mark your calendar's for February 23 and get there between 7am and 10 PM and get your free short stack! the cost? Free, why am I promoting this? because all they ask is that you make a donation to the Children's Miracle Network or other childrens hospitals. A good cause and a sweet treat!

Have you heard of Bellaonline? Great website the voice for women. Here is their Sweepstakes page.Lots of cool sweeps to enter, clothes, housewares, art, beauty, food.

In Touch, another cool site with greats sweeps, check it out here.

Good Housekeeping sweeps site.

TIP: For entering these sweeps and also for filling out to try free samples, I recommend that you get a free email at hotmail just for these things. They will probably send you more info and if you win that is where it will be so with one email for all of it , easy to check once a week and to keep your regular email uncluttered!

MarieClaire, cool clothes, accessories, lots to choose from to win!

Hope those will give you some fun time surfing the web through those sweeps. I would like to leave you with a tip for the week. When grocery shopping and you see a special on meat, or vegetables, get as much as you can afford. Key in the items on a google search along with anything else you may have on hand and check out the recipes using those ingredients. Then make double or triple or even quadruple recipes of this, doing all the cooking and baking at the same time will save you in days and weeks to come. Eat a portion for dinner and wrap up the rest for dinner later on in the week and freeze the rest in portions that will feed your family for one meal. Then all you have to do is heat and eat!

I do this a lot since I have to do most all cooking and baking for what we eat due to my special diet needs. It sure saves on time and also on energy later on since we can't eat out or buy take out or many ready to eat or precooked meals.

When we were still picking the fall raspberries I didn't let us eat them all up , instead I baked them in muffins and coffeecakes and just this past weekend we had wonderful tasting Fresh organic Raspberry GF muffins that tasted like I'd just baked them. A great treat when there's snow on the ground and the raspberries available are like $6 a pint with no flavor and aren't organic!

Hope this helps you save a bit this week, and that some of you will happily be winners in some of those sweeps!


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